We develop concepts with the emphasis on railway transport. Marketing strategies as well as transport planning are the main focus of our consulting and research projects. Our multidisciplinary approach allows on the one hand the cooperation with a big range of university institutes and national and international companies and on the other hand the finding of solutions to problems specific to various transport disciplines.


Track Technology
The specific infrastructure gives the railway its name. Its quality, availability and costs have a direct influence on the success of the railway system. Research in the field of track technology at IVE mbH deals with problems of the track of guided transport systems, both in respect of technology and economic efficiency.

Railway Operation
The increasing social requirements caused by the transfer of traffic to railways and the high costs of infrastructure necessi-tate the increase of the efficiency of railway systems and of the employment of rolling stock without neglecting safety and quality of transport. One of our main fields of work deals with guaranteeing the above mentioned aspects. Hence, we develop and market software which analyses complex technical and economical correlations.

Markets and politics
Increasing demands of the customers on public passenger transport and increasingly complex structures on a liberalised European transport market constitute a high challenge for enterprises and consultants. Markets like railway services in rural areas with flexible operating modes and new transport services as a result of intensified EU-internal transport relations require new solutions for service structures as well as technical and operational solutions. IVE mbH has already successfully completed several projects and studies dealing with these problems.

Expertise and risk analysis

Our certificates reflect empirically established figures and deduce conclusions from the assessment of existing conditions and incidents. With our certificates we support our clients in assessing actual problems.

Our trustworthiness and competence in this work field has been proved by the cooperation with well-known traffic companies during the last years. In 2005 we were also nominated, together with DB Station&Service AG, for the Bahntechnik-Innovationspreis in the category innovative scientists and institutes for our risk-orientated certificates for sufficient emergency facilities.