Operation and Simulation - Track technology and Infrastructure - Environment

Operation and Simulation

Dispo - Optimised Vehicle Allocation
Optimisation of operations and vehicle allocation of transport systems within extensive line networks makes maximum demands on a possible solution because of the high complexity of the problem.

Dispo-IRM - Recovery of Past Incident Effects
Dispo-IRM (Incident Recovery Manager) offers systematic solutions for the re-allocation of rolling stock after operational disruptions. The operation can be resumed as scheduled with minimum delay.

NEMO - Network Evaluation Model
NEMO is a strategic planning tool for the evaluation of infrastructure and operational measures in guided transport systems.

Dynamis® - Driving Dynamic Calculations of any Train Configuration
The interactive program system Dynamis serves as an instrument for the investigation of questions of vehicle dynamics.

RailSys® - Timetable Construction, Infrastructure Management and Railway Simulation
The software system RailSys® is a detailed and precise model for infrastructure management, timetable con-struction and simulation. RailSys® covers the analysis, planning and optimisation of operation facilities, protection systems and operations under the aspect of investment and operation costs.


Track technology and Infrastructure

SOG® - Computer Aided Planning of Track Maintenance
The SOG® program system supports the planning of track maintenance and editing of construction and operation schedule plans.

SimObau - Asset Management and LCC-Investigation Tool
The software SimObau is used for the computer aided management of track maintenance data and the optimisation of maintenance strategies.

DWS - Digital Ordering of Turnouts
The DWS software is designed for the electronic ordering of turnouts and crossings according to the German DB-AG-Directive Ril 823.0700.



EcoTransIT® World - Ecological Transport Information Tool
EcoTransIT® World is a world-wide tool for the calculation of energy consumption and emissions caused by a user-defined transport.