Our standard - detailed knowledge and sustainability

Since founding IVE mbH, Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering Ltd., in 1998 we proficiently support our clients from the development of first ideas to the final realisation and the practical use of projects. Based on our transport and railway expertise, we derive concepts and future-oriented sustainable solutions responding to the problems of our clients, strengthening their position and preparing them for the global competition.

Our ideas - innovative and remarkable

We like to work out tailor-made solutions even for extraordinary problems and invent new ways for helping our clientsreaching their aims. In combining classical strategies with straightness, individuality and pragmatism we develop efficient solutions for the tasks set by our clients.

Our employees - qualified and flexible

IVE mbH assemble individual teams for each project, recruiting the members from different disciplines like civil engineering, transport, railway, informatics and other sciences. For finding solutions IVE mbH can count on a motivated team and a great range of our own software. The latter allows us the mapping and detailed analysis of complex technical and economical correlations even in large railway networks.

Our partners - strong and competent

For solving complex problems with interdisciplinary tasks we have been successfully cooperating with the Institute for Transport, Railway Construction and Operation of the Technical University of Braunschweig, the Rail Management Consultants Ltd. and the Transver Ltd. for years. In this way we make use of existing competences for solving complex problems in an optimum ways. IVE mbH is one of the founding members of the German RailGroup (GRG) – Engineering & Consulting GbR, www.germanrailgroup.eu

Our clients - local and international

The international orientation of the IVE mbH allows the synthesis of national and international experiences in our clients favour. Moreover, our national and international cooperations (Networking) facilitates dealing with an extraordinary range of topics from the field of transport and railways. This has enabled us to work successfully on projects for public as well as private clients.